One’s intention controls one’s mind, success, health and happiness. We focus on the intention of our life as a golden key for life.

People talk about about “what is true health?” From the point of view of Zhineng Qigong, health is created by healing from one’s inside and from that place going outwards and not the other way around.

But most of people in the west direct their focus more to the external. For example, we take medication – which is an effect from the outside – or try to align ourselves to the recommendations of others. These external influences have no meaning. It is much more important to explore what is really important to you – from the inside! If you take time to rest and to discover what you want, what is important to you and who you are, you will experience a new dimension of freedom. By stopping to worry what others expect from you and by being completely free of external concepts and ideas, you will start to feel the “nothing-ness” deep inside of you. In this state you awaken the ‘healer’ from inside and true health can be formed.

Holistic health also means to have a clear idea how to achieve inner peace and times of quietness during your busy day. A very simple method that you can implement immediately is to create resting times between the different events and projects. In these 2-3 minutes, sit down comfortably, close your eyes and keep your mind calm, peaceful and relaxed. Empty your mind and let go of all emotions. You will immediately feel an enormous effect as you recharge yourself from the inside. Relaxing does not mean to distract yourself with television, a beer or a glass of wine. You must find a way to nourish your state of inner peace from within, and to give your body and mind new energy and inspiration. If you create a short space of inner peace before any new action and allow yourself to go inside, as described above, you will experience a whole new quality of life.