Organize Qi Field

Ding Tian Li Di
Xing Song Yi Chong
Wai Jing Nei Jing
Xin Cheng Mao Gong
Yi Nian Bu Qi
Shen Zhu Tai Kong
Shen Yi Zhao Ti
Zhou Shen Rong Rong

Head touching the sky, feet standing on earth
Body relaxes, and the mind expands
Be respectful and quiet
Mind is clear and appearance is humble
No distracting thoughts
Mind expands to infinite space
The mind shining into your body deeply and inwardly
Entire body is harmonized with Qi

Level 1

Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down

This method is a moving form in which the student learns to exchange qi with the universe and learns to bring more qi into the body. The gentle, slow movements and visualizations bring about a meditative state that helps to open blockages in the body, helping the body/mind heal from disease.

Three Center Merge

This is a standing form that gathers qi into the 3 energy centers of the body. This method uses different visualizations and postures depending on the level, as it is used as transition between Level 1 and 2, and 3 and 4.

Level 2

Body Mind Method

This method is physically more challenging than Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down. It works with internal qi, integrating the body and mind, and allowing the qi to penetrate more deeply into the muscles, tendons, and bones. It can be practiced by relative beginners, and helps the practitioners increase their ability to collect and direct Qi.

Level 3

Five Organ Method

This method uses the chanting of sounds with movement to strengthen the organ’s function, and to balance the emotions.

Additional Exercises

Wall Squatting

This is a slow, up and down movement with the practitioner facing the wall to help maintain the correct movement of the spine. This method can regulate the whole body and help with healing qi reactions.

La Qi

This method is a sitting form with the hands moving in an open/close rhythm. It is a very powerful way of gathering qi and can be used with many different visualizations, depending on its purpose.

Fa Qi

With this method, the practitioner emits qi for healing, learning to see qi and the information carried in the qi. This includes remote healing from a distance.

100-Day Gong

100 Days Gong

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