“Healing the world” seems like an ambitious vision considering the various challenges in the world.

BBC future describes the situation of humanity in today’s time as

“We may have things better than ever – but we’ve never faced such world-changing challenges.”

In this context “world-changing challenges” carries a disempowering connotation.  Could “world-changing” not also be an invitation, an opportunity?  Changing the world, transforming the world, healing the world?

In the context of Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy motion, change, evolving and transformation are fundamental pillars.  The use of our consciousness following the transformation law of Qi forms part of the theoretical foundation:

  • By gathering Qi we form energy and by gathering energy we form matter
  • Matter dissolves into energy and energy dissolves into information

Many methods and meditations follow this seemingly simple yet very profound principle.  So does the Hun Yuan Ling Tong Meditation that was presented by Zhineng Qigong Master and Hunyuan Qi Therapy co-founder Yuantong Liu at one of the “Healing the World Sessions”, a global project initiated by Zhineng Qigong teachers Ronit Adar and Orit Shelly from Israel, with the intention of sending healing information to the world, its land and its people.

Change! (name the challenge or situation you like to transform)

Transform! (connect with your intention)

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

The translation of Hun Yuan Ling Tong is “United and transformed, immediately realized by one´s intention.”  The Hun Yuan Ling Tong theory, taught by Zhineng Qigong founder Prof. Dr. Pang Ming at the The Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center, also known as the medicine-less hospital, has become a fundamental method of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy training. 

A versatile theory that can be applied to various situations, be it for self-healing on a physical, emotional or mental level, be it for healing of relationships in one’s personal or professional environment, be it for healing in the world!

The true self integrates with the Hunyuan Qi of the universe and thus makes seemingly “miraculous” self-healing processes possible. In a state when the mind is connected to the Hunyuan’s energy and works with it, situations can be instantly transformed by this information.

Participants who joined the healing session and Hunyuan Ling Tong Meditation with Master Yuantong Liu had an opportunity to experience the power of this method, a method that can be easily learned, applied by anyone and applied to merely any situation.

Here you can watch and be inspired by the replay of this amazing session:

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So healing the world does not seem that ambitious after all.  If we can change ourselves, then we can change the world.

The world is going through a transformational process and we can consciously influence this process.  Awareness is key, it is the first step and awareness is increasing.  Opportunities arise to nurture positive developments in the world.

In order to make change happen, we are invited to open our heart and mind to embrace the opportunities and initiate transformation and improvements.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong