Poem by Yuantong Liu: “Today is a brand new day”

– 11, July 2015-

Today is a brand new day
Since our mind awakened
Yesterday is past
Darkness disappeared
Sun rises up shining on the world with its intention
True self-awareness nourishing our body with its full love
Embracing the fresh life of nature
Experiencing the nature and us are one
Birthing a new life

Today is a brand new day
Since our new intention developed
Old perspectives transformed
Harmful information gone
The light of intention shining through our body, heart and soul
Waking up, giving energy, nourishing and guiding us into a new path
A brand new life is born

Today is a brand new day
We are walking on the brand new path
Breathing the fresh air
Enjoying the warm lights of love from inner sun
New intention of life

We experience
Today is a brand new day