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Mission and Vision of Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide Magazine

The mission of this magazine is to share and spread Zhineng Qigong science into the whole world, to help people find their true health, inner peace, joy, love and wisdom, and to awaken their true self-awareness to improve their quality of life living. Through this process, improvement in human society can be achieved.

This magazine was created to provide valuable information regarding the theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong Science such as the theory hypothesis of the Third Level of Substance philosophy, as developed by Dr. and Prof. Pang Ming. The purpose of the magazine is also to help human beings achieve a higher level of awareness relative to internal and external relationships and to understand the power of their Life Intention.

Through Zhineng Qigong Science, individuals can learn how to utilize Qi to manifest their intentions and explore the science of human life. Healing stories, research studies, activities related to Zhineng Qigong science, and other valuable information and resources will be regularly featured in the magazine.

The vision of this magazine is to see human beings develop a new way of living by using the power of their consciousness with Qi to achieve health and longevity, harmony with self-control, freedom and self-awakening, and perfect beauty and equality. We believe this can be achieved by all people under the heavens, connecting hand to hand, heart to heart, and mind to mind. We are one family!

Let us all bless the world with health, peace, joy, love, wisdom and harmony.

Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide Magazine Team