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Sept 20 – Sept 30, 2019: Qi Nourish Fast, Qingcheng Mountains, China

Qi FastNourish is a holistic health approach to restore energy and effectively improve one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is a combination of fasting and nourishing based on the science and methods of Zhineng Qigong.

Fasting is an ancient practice found in many cultures and religious traditions. The benefits of fasting have become widely known whether these benefits are on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. Fasting has been used as a method to attain spiritual breakthroughs; to cleanse and heal the physical body; to achieve clarity of the mind; and to bring the emotions into balance. There are different types of fasting for different purposes. In Qigong, fasting is known as “Bigu” and is widely practiced by practitioners to achieve physical health, raise “Gong Fu” level, and attain wisdom.

Qi FastNourish is an effective method to

  • Restore balance on physical, emotional, and mental levels
  • Open the energy gates of the body to easily nourish the layers of the body with external energy
  • Release internal energy trapped within the body
  • Improve, strengthen, and transform life vital energy to serve one’s intention
  • Resting and cleansing the digestive system allowing it to repair and re-energize
  • Repair the cells o Develop inner resilience and confidence to navigate challenges
  • Develop quietude and deepen your qigong practice
  • Free the mind to focus on your intention
  • Acquire a New Point of Life that elevates your way of being in the world


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  • Activate your natural ability to heal and uphold a state of wellbeing
    • Tune into your body, mind, and emotions, connecting at a deeper level of understanding. Learn to steer your mind consciously to bring about the changes you desire. Learn the concept and the practices that you can continue to apply for better health.
  • Deepen your qigong practice
    • By engaging the body in purifying, the experience becomes a gate through which one awakens one’s heart and mind to higher levels of self-awareness and knowing. Learn concepts and practices that integrate mind and body more fully to optimal health.
  • Learn skills to qualify you as a Qi FastNourish Coach
    • A first of its kind opportunity that offers you to learn the necessary skills to become a QiFastNourish Coach. Go beyond experiencing the benefits of Qi FastNourish on the personal level of your wellbeing, and help others to achieve wellbeing benefits for themselves Become a member of a community committed to facilitate holistic and transformative learning for better health and life.



Qi FastNourish is a programme of wellbeing and awakening, based on Zhineng Qigong concepts and practices of fasting and nourishing to improve holistically one’s state. It is facilitated by Yuantong Liu who is a Zhineng Qigong master respected for his rigour as a teacher, and have extensive experience with fasting grounded in Zhineng Qigong sciences:

The Qi FastNourish is offering an opportunity to practitioners to become a Qi FastNourish Coach to qualify to teach concepts and practices of Qi FastNourish to others. The Qi FastNourish Coach training is for one year and starts in China, 15-25 September 2019. The retreat will be followed by complimentary learning components:

  • Monthly live teachings
  • Online learning
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Certificate of completion

The Qi FastNourish experience is equally a great opportunity to retreat from your daily life into a blissful time and space dedicated to restore balance and improve your vitality. Attend the 10 days retreat in China, which offers you to join a community of learners & practitioners. This would encourage you to continue the practices of what you learn and get the support from a like-minded community:

Whether you choose to train as Qi FastNourish Coach or participate for your own wellbeing, you receive information and support to guide you to prepare for the retreat prior to the 10 day Qi FastNourish retreat.

The 10-day Qi FastNourish retreat is planned to observe a 6 days water fasting. You can break your fast anytime should there be need to.

The venue is in a nurturing environment that invites connecting with nature, and restoring balance. A partial stay of the retreat takes place at an ancient Taoist temple in Qing Cheng Mountain, known for its picturesque setting and healing energy.



This retreat is for you if:

  • You are a new comer to Zhineng Qigong and would like to learn fundamental theory and practice
  • You are a Zhineng Qigong practitioner and wish to take your practice to a deeper level
  • You are seeking a holistic and transformative framework to manage your health and life
  • You are curious and have an open mind and heart towards life
  • You are a Zhineng Qigong practitioner who would like to join a community of learners and practitioners committed to transformative learning and holistic health to life
  • You would like to become a Qi FastNourish Coach teaching others and guiding them to achieve wellbeing benefits through Qi FastNourish methods and practices of fasting and nourishing



Qi FastNourish Pre Retreat

  • Information a few weeks prior to help you prepare physically and mentally Retreat
  • 10 days retreat in China, arrival 20, departure 30 September 2019
  • 10 nights hotel residence (based on double occupancy subject to availability)
  • Nutritious and high quality meals during feeding days
  • Spring water, herbs and nourishment relevant to fasting plan
  • Transfer from hotel to the Qing Cheng Mountain

You Pay: U$ 1,500.-

For those who wish to qualify as Qi FastNourish Coach, the following is added to the above:

  • Live monthly teachings
  • Online learning
  • Group coaching
  • Certificate of completion
  • Community of learners & practitioners
  • Collaboration opportunities with Qi FastNourish More info is available on demand

You Pay: U$ 1,700.-

(For international arrival, airport is Chengdu, China. Not included in the price but can be organized on demand: Airport collection, Single occupancy at hotel)

Book: To secure your place you need to register, and pay. Space is limited! To book and for more information, contact Houda at info@qi-wellbeing.com or register at https://www.qi-wellbeing.com/QiFastNourish/China-retreat-September-2019

Houda Baladi is collaborating with Yuangtong Liu in Qi FastNourish Houda is a Zhineng Qigong practitioner who has trained and certified as Zhineng Qigong teacher and Hun Yuan Therapist under the mentorship of Yuantong Liu.

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