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Powerful Biguan Training

***Please note that due to ongoing travel restrictions worldwide, this training program will no longer be taking place in the Qingcheng Mountains and be offered online instead***

In 2018, Master Yuantong Liu spent 2 months in the Daoist Temple in Mt. Qingcheng for his own Biguan practice.
During this dedicated practice time, he would only have one vegetarian meal per day for lunch. He had many amazing and powerful experiences, which he will share with you so you can benefit from them. He will be your guide and mentor for your own Biguan practice.
While receiving individual guidance of Master Yuantong Liu for your special, dedicated and personal practice plan and schedule, you will develop your own virtue and increase your Kongfu level.
Be ready to live your fullest potential expressing a meaningful life and your life’s purpose.

Focus areas of Biguan (monastic) Practice Training

  • Experience a strong progress in your practice level
  • Enjoy how your mind gets more clear, bright, calm, focussed and peaceful
  • Observe how your emotions enter a peaceful and quiet state and your inner happiness is raising up. As a result, you will always feel
    the inner joy, no matter what is happening.
  • Be in awe, how your physical body gets stronger then ever before!
  • Allow the Qi of your meridians to flow more smoothly and freely
  • Recharge your Dantian Qi
  • Personal practice schedule, mentoring and coaching through Master Yuantong Liu


Results you will achieve:

  • Increase your own Kong Fu
  • Practice like a Qigong Master



  • Practice Zhineng Qigong for at least one year
  • Commitment to deepen your practice and understanding of Zhineng Qigong Science and Qigong medicine


Dates and Time Schedule:

Online Training Period: 
Sep 20 – Oct 10, 2020

Online Training Days and Times:

  • Saturday – Thursday from 19h30 – 23h30 China Standard Time / UTC+8 (4 hours daily)
    Please use the following time converter to convert to your local time:  www.worldtimebuddy.com
  • No training on Fridays

Total Hours:  72



Online via Zoom


Your investment:

900 USD | 800 Euro


Payment via Transferwise

Go to: https://transferwise.com/invite/u/torstenl50

  • Select “Send Money”
  • Enter the amount in USD or Euro
  • Select CNY (Chinese currency) for the recipient

On the next page enter as follows:

  • Full name: Xue Xiu Chun
  • UnionPay Card Number: 6217863100001885316

If you are asked for an address, please use:

  • Country: China
  • City: Meishan
  • Address: No. 154 of Hunbin Road
  • Postal Code: 620010

Confirm and follow the instructions


Please download the Registration Form here

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