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Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program (HYQT 6) – Part I of Module 1, Online via Zoom


Part I of Module I:  Training online via Zoom

  • Mix of Theory and Practice on weekends
  • Dates: 30 April – 19 May 2021


Look forward to…

  • Studying and applying one of the most effective system of holistic self-healthcare management tools
  • Increasing your Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy knowledge and acquiring practical skills for your own self-healing journey and to be able to support others in their recovery process
  • Understanding what true health is and applying it
  • Harmonizing, balancing and enriching all areas in your own life
  • Be inspired to be a contribution to others


To follow from 1-9 November 2021:  Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program (HYQT 6) – Part II of Module 1, Face-to-face Training in Cyprus

Cyprus is dominated by APHRODITES, the legendary goddess of the island par excellance. Being the third largest Mediterranean island with over 300 Sundays a year, Cyprus looks back on a more than 10,000 years old cultural history and so the island of love offers all art and culture lovers as well as all sun worshipers a relaxing, interesting and unique stay. Full of woods and evergreen, with fantastic, extensive beaches in front of a bright blue sea and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants make Cyprus a special holiday experience.

Our retreat center is a charming Beach Hotel located away from the hustle and bustle, right on a fine pebbly beach with sparkling water. Our host, who has learned the hotelfach in Switzerland, her family and the entire crew make it easy for us to enjoy, relax and enjoy this little paradise with all our senses. All guests are spoiled here with Cypriot warmth and a wonderful and loving comfort.

Meals are taken on the terrace with view of the sea: in the mornings with view over the turquoise sea, in the evenings with the sunset and glittering lights. The mostly cypriot dishes are prepared daily and fresh. The abundant and varied buffet offers a great selection for vegetarians, as well as lovers of meat and fish. During the day you can go into one of the many town taverns that are located nearby and have a small snack or also fresh fish and meat.

Our workshop room is large with excellent sea views and a warm, wooden floor.


Skills And Theory Training

  • Theories, methods and practical approaches of Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing and Qi field theories
  • Life intention training
  • Meaning of Zhineng Qigong
  • Meaning of Qi and Hunyuan Qi based on the Zhineng Qigong distinctions
  • Hunyuan Qi Therapy – Theories and practice
  • Hunyuan Qi field – Theories and practice
  • Yi Yuan Qi Theories and practical experience
  • What is true health?
  • What is the first step of healing
  • Dissolve heart stones and Increase happiness in your life
  • Adjust the mind – Theory and practice
  • Hun Yuan Ling Tong Meditation and Chanting
  • Hold Qi Up and Pour Qi Down – Theory and Practice
  • Other Level 1 Zhineng Qigong practices
  • Holding the Body Qi field Training
  • Causes, processes and locations of diseases
  • How to prevent illness
  • The requirements for the transformation of the body from an unhealthy into a healthy state
  • Requirements and process for a successful Hunyuan Qi Therapy session
  • How to market your Hunyuan Qi Therapy service

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