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II. Develop super intelligence for holistic health

By developing greater self-awareness, engaging in self-care, and cultivating opening your heart, inner peace of your mind, you overcome emotional distress and achieve a greater sense of one-ness, compassion, empathy, joy and fulfillment. Take full control of your life using the practices shared to transform information and awaken your full potential.

*This forms part of a 2-part series with an earlier workshop taking place in July. However, the programs can also be booked separately.*

Beginners and Qigong practitioners are welcome

Dates: 5th – 20th August, 2023, 15 hours

Times: Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 – 10:00 pm Chinese time

Via Zoom: Join from the comfort of your home and learn from one of the world’s leading Qigong Master Yuantong Liu from Meishan, China.

Facilitated by Master Yuantong Liu:

Master Yuantong Liu has been engaged in Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing and teaching for more than 30 years. He successfully accomplished the rigorous teachers program in the Zhineng Qigong Hua Xia Qigong Center – known in the West as the first „medicine-less hospital of the world“ (near Beijing) under the guidance of Dr. Pang Ming. He continued to work closely with Dr. Pang Ming for 10 years. He has supported the healing of thousands of people. Among other things people healed from mental, chronic and terminal illnesses. He teaches the principles of Zhineng Qigong Healing in his own Qigong Center in China, as well as in Europe, the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. His commitment to sharing the essence of Zhineng Qigong Science globally is based on his vision to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the wisdom, beauty and easy, yet effective tools of this scientifically proven self-healing art. Healing, inner wisdom, balance, increased self- awareness, trust and confidence are concrete results of studying and learning from Master Yuantong Liu.

Recordings of the sessions will be provided



  • Theory, method, technique and practice of Consciousness-Field
  • The technique and practice of replenishing an empty heart and cultivating peace of mind
    • Recover from emotional distress and achieve a state of inner peace, calming down the mind. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions without judgment. Observe your thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.
  • Techniques and practices for restoring the Qi of mind, internal Qi and to improve your sleep quality as well as develop inner wisdom
  • Technique and practice for recovery and improving one’s health & well-being by awakening your mind and establishing clear awareness
    • Awakening the mind and establishing clear awareness is a process that involves transforming information. By cultivating a greater sense of awareness and attention, you can develop a deeper understanding of your inner world and the impact that external factors have on your mental and physical health as well as ignite a transformation process.
  • The technique and practice of transforming information
  • Full-of-Qi method and Right-Angle Breathing method;
  • Use the power of your mind and experience of twisting spoon and breaking or bending the needle



Booking one course 280 Euro / 310 USD

Booking two course 500 Euro / 548 USD


Booking information:

You can directly book from Master Yuantong Liu via email, Phone call, or WeChat:

Email: lifeqicenter@yahoo.com

Phone: +86 13056601535



Feel free to share these workshops with people in your network:

Each organization doing independent enrollment. All teaching by Master Yuantong Liu – Please contact Master Liu, if you have any specific questions: lifeqicenter@yahoo.com

Commission model if you bring friends to the course:

  1. Commission of 40/100 for the organization team only if you are doing enrollment activities only and without translation work during the retreat.
  2. Commission of 50/100 for the organization team who is doing enrollment activities and translation work during the retreat.

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