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Zhineng Qigong Level 1: Teacher’s & Advanced Training

During this training course you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding and studies of the scientific Zhineng Qigong theories, knowledge, methods and tools. TheQingcheng Shan
Dujiangyan, Chengdu aim is to improve your own practice and meditation level and at the same time gain a strong theoretical foundation.

Master Yuantong Liu will ensure personal guidance, feedback and individual corrections. As a result you will feel confident and know how to practice, demonstrate and share these powerful approaches to individuals or to small and large groups.

A ZNQG Level 1 Teacher’s & Advanced certificate by Master Yuantong Liu is provided after completing the training.

Focus areas Zhineng Qigong Level 1 Teacher’s & Advanced Training

Learn how to teach, share and practice:

  • Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down
  • Adjust your mind
  • Regulate your Body Posture
  • Eight verses meditation
  • Nine Characteristics of Zhineng Qigong
  • Hun Yuan Ling Tong Meditation and Healing
  • Three Centers Merge
  • La Qi
  • Chen Qi
  • Rolling the spine (Scrolling) and Wall Squats
  • The theories and methods of organizing a Qi field for teaching, healing, progress and more inner
    wisdom or any other intention
  • Hunyuan Qi, Hunyuan Qi Field, YYT theories
  • Aspects of Self-health-care managenent from a Zhineng Qigong Science perspective
  • The three ways to teach
  • Structure, content and delivery aspects of an individual session and group workshops
  • Qi reactions
  • Power of Consciousness
  • New Point of Life & Awakening True Self

Results you will achieve:

Become a passionate, confident, compassionate, certified teacher convincing through an authentic presence with enthusiasm, knowledge and profound practice experience


  • Practice Zhineng Qigong for at least one year
  • Commitment to deepen your practice and understanding of Zhineng Qigong Science and Qigong medicine
  • Intention to share the power and beauty of Zhineng Qigong Science with others

About the location

Honored as World Cultural Heritage, Mount Qingcheng is one of the famous cradles of Taoism and holy land in China. It is named for the location in green and quiet forest throughout the year, which also wins its reputation of Mount Qingcheng being the most secluded Land in
the World.

Accommodation and Training Venue: Tian Shi Hall Daoist, Temple in the Qingcheng
Mountains, Sichuan Province

Airport: Chengdu, China. From here a taxi transfer will be organized to the temple (ca. 1,5 hrs drive)

Your investment:

USD 3.000 incl.accommodation in a double room, meals and all instructions and certification processes | Single room supplement: 500 USD

Download the Registration Form here:

ZNQG Teacher and Bi Guan Training 2019 Life Qi Center-LR

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