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  • Receive Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatments with an International team of therapists under the guidance of Master Yuantong Liu and Britta Stalling. (Master Liu may be required to attend remotely because of travel restrictions. In that case, he will be live on a big screen so teaching and sharing can be experienced as though he were attending in person.)
  • There will be seven healing treatments during this 10-day retreat.
  • Practice Zhineng Qigong methods and self-healing exercises which you can easily integrate and practice on your own.
  • Learn consciousness refinement tools to positively influence health intentions.
  • Experience an opening of the mind and heart creating a strengthened immune system
  • Have a dedicated team supporting your intention for holistic health and well-being while effectively activating your own self-healing abilities.
  • Establish a lasting relationship with yourself, nature, and a growing community.
  • Have personal time for rest and reflection.

Go here more information and booking: https://presentmomentliving.org/hyqt-retreat/

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