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In this workshop participants will learn techniques based on Zhineng Qigong Science.

In 1997 the China State Sports General Administration published a book on 21 different styles of Qigong, which rated Zhineng Qigong as the most effective. One year later the same organization evaluated eleven Qigong styles and again rated Zhineng Qigong the most effective Qigong for improving health.

Practice methods and techniques that will be learned during this workshop can be learned by anyone, no matter the age or physical condition. No previous knowledge of Qigong is required, participants just need an open heart and mind.


What you can expect

This workshop is suitable for people who would like to:

  • Improve their health in a natural, holistic way
  • Regenerate their body and strengthen, improve their health condition
  • Grow their natural potential
  • Learn more about self-healing, harmonizing the body and keeping inner peace
  • Deepening their understanding of consciousness and Qi energy, their connection and active use of it

Master Liu in Slovenia



09h30-12h30:  Theory & Practice
12h30-14h30:  Lunch
14h30-17h30:  Theory & Practice


Investment in your health and well-being

Wednesday – Sunday:  26 Feb – 1 Mar 2020
5 days – 380 €

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  28 Feb -1 Mar 2020
3 days – 240 €

Saturday & Sunday:  29 Feb – 1 Mar 2020
2 days – 180 €
1 day – 100 €


Additional Information about the Workshop

Should you have questions or require further information, please contact:

030 316 016