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Begin your magical summer! Explore the depths of Zhineng Qigong going beyond HQU/PQD to experience new practices and continue the journey of self-cultivation. Master Yuantong Liu will guide you through the Body & Mind Method, Five Zang Nourishment Chanting Method, Five Zang Organs Method, and Super Intelligence retreats.

Retreats are slotted for 2-hour blocks in the afternoon/evenings for North American students. Try one! Or register for all retreats to receive a $250 discount.

4 – 9 August 2022: Five Zang Organ Nourishment Chanting Method (5-Day Event)

In this workshop we will learn and practice chanting the physical sounds associated with the corresponding Five Zang Organs. Chanting precise sounds enables us to activate and increase the flow of inner organ Hunyuan Qi to the associated organ. Otherwise the Five Zang Organs, located deep in the body, are beyond the conscious control of the ordinary mind. Practicing this method will lead to increased peace of heart and mind, the balance of Qi of the Five Zang Organs, the recovery of unconditional love and joy of the heart to improve the functions and abilities of the inner organs and the body immune system.

Time: 2 Hours (7:00- 9:00 PM Eastern time) for each session

Dates: August 04, 05, 06, 08, 09


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SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  Register for Four Full-Price Events and Receive a $250 Discount

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***Discounts available for certified Zhineng Qigong Teachers***


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these courses suitable for beginners? Super Intelligence and Covid: Moving Forward are both suitable for beginners. Body Mind Method is a physical practice based in martial arts. It is suitable for beginners with a moderate level of health/fitness. Neither of the Five Zang Organ courses are suitable for beginners.

Can I take just one or a couple of the courses? Yes, you can choose to take one or more courses. However, you will only receive the discount if you register for all the full-price courses in the SAME ORDER. So, if you choose one class and then decide to come back and order more, you will not be eligible for the discount.

Are Certified Zhineng Qigong teachers eligible for the $250 discount? No, there is a special option for the courses that provide a discount for certified teachers.

I’m not sure of my status as a Certified Zhineng Qigong Teacher. Please email one of the teachers listed below and they will help clarify your teacher status.

What if I can’t attend all the days listed for the course? No problem. We will be providing all registrants with links to the recordings for each session.

Can I place one order for my partner and myself? And how will that affect the $250 discount? Please place a separate order for each person. If you wish to order all four full-price courses, that will also ensure that you will both receive the $250 discount.

I think I made a mistake on my order and need assistance. Please email one of the contacts below for help.

I don’t understand this process but I really want to take these courses. HELP! Please email us below (make sure to include your phone number), and we will walk you through it on the phone. Don’t worry. It will only take 5 minutes.

Still Have Questions? Ask a Person!

For help determining whether you qualify for the Certified Teacher Discount or questions about contents of the programs being offered and whether they are suitable for you, email contacts are listed below. Please include your phone number in case we feel a conversation might be necessary to fully answer your question.

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